While our main focus is tumbling, we also offer other classes, clinics, and camps to help advance athletes to the next level. Tumble Tech coaches are very experienced in cheerleading, tumbling, gymnastics, fitness and so much more. We have a team that is dedicated to making sure every child gets proper training and attention to further them in their craft of choice. Whether your child needs and extra boost for their dance solo, a push getting to a new skill for their floor routine in gymnastics, a skill to advance them to the next level in cheerleading, or simply just tumbling for fun....Tumble Tech has you covered!

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Level 1

Intro to Tumbling- There are no skills required for this class. Students will learn basic tumbling skills such as:
      • Forward and backward rolls
      • Hanadstands
      • Cartwheels and roundoffs
      • Backbend
      • Beginner Advanced 
      • Round Off 
      • Backbend

Level 1.5

Level 1 Advanced - Must have master skills from beginner class. Beginner advanced class will focus on:
  • Roundoff 
  • Backbend kickover
  • Front walkover
  • Back walkover
  • Intro to Back Handspring

Level 2

Intro to Back Handsprings - After mastering the beginner skills, students are ready to move on to the next level. Class focus is:

  • Roundoff back handspring
  • Standing back handspring
  • Front handspring stepouts

Level 3

Intro to Tucks- Must have skills from intermediate 1 level in order to work on:

  • Roundoff series back handspring(multiple)
  • Standing back handspring series 
  • Roundoff handspring back tucks
  • Front tucks

Flexibility and Conditioning

This class is perfect for the new or veteran tumbler. When trying to acquire new skills, strength and flexibility are definitely a requirement. Flexibility and strength are needed for some of most basic skills. If your child is looking to advance faster, this is the perfect class!

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